John Cleese Marries on Mustique Island

Called a “tropical hidey-hole” for royals (like Kate Middleton and Prince William) and celebrities, the island of Mustique has been once again the stage for a famous wedding. British comedian and actor John Cleese emerged from an acrimonious third divorce (joking that friends would “knee-cap” him if he ever married again) and “has gone ahead and tied the knot once more.” Cleese, 72, married jeweler and former model Jennifer Wade, 41, in a romantic ceremony in a private villa on the Caribbean island of Mustique.

Mustique is a small private paradise, located southeast of Bequia and St Vincent, in the north of the Grenadines. As Nick McGrath (Friday magazine) explains, “Once second home to Princess Margaret, this tiny piece of Caribbean paradise is now the favoured retreat of the seriously rich and famous. And we’re not talking C, B or even A-listers here. Mustique is strictly for the A+ crowd. Mick Jagger bought his sprawling beachside villa before his marriage split in 1999 and has just lent it to Paul McCartney for his honeymoon. Liz Hurley, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss all now prefer the tranquillity of Mustique to the more developed buzz of nearby Barbados. Tommy Hilfiger is also a homeowner, while millionaire publisher, Felix Dennis, snapped up David Bowie’s island sanctuary for £5 million in 1995. And the parents of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, are also reportedly house-hunting for an ultra-exclusive property on the beautiful island.”

The island was made famous by the 3rd Lord Glenconner, formerly Colin Tennant, who spent millions in transforming it from “a barren insect-plagued rock” into a lush multimillionaires’ paradise [see previous post Lord Glenconner and the colonial past].

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