The National Archives: Celebrating 50 Years of Caribbean Independence

To commemorate 50 years of Jamaican and Trinidadian independence, The National Archives in Kew (Richmond, London) has published images from the Colonial Office photographic collection on Flickr, the photo sharing website. Photos from nearly 20 countries were uploaded on August 6, the anniversary of Jamaica’s independence, and will be on view until August 31, 2012, the anniversary of the independence of Trinidad and Tobago.

The National Archives site urges people to visit “our Caribbean collection on Flickr to view the images.” They explain that new countries will be added each week day, beginning with Antigua (8 August) and the Bahamas (9 August).

They add: “The hugely diverse collection spans the colonial period and we will continue to augment it over the course of this year with images from the Central Office of Information collection (catalogue reference: INF 10) to produce a unique resource for Caribbean history.  Join us each day and watch the collection grow. Some of images remain unidentified, so if you recognise people, places or incidents not in the descriptions, please tell us in the comments section below the images.”

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