Haiti and France Strengthen Cooperation

Caribbean Journal reports that Haiti and France are continuing their cooperation through the French Development Agency, strengthening sectors such as health, land tenure, agriculture, infrastructure development, food aid, and local development projects.

Last week, Haiti and France signed three financing agreements totaling approximately $45.5 million, on sectors including agriculture ($5.5 million), health ($9.1 million) and the reconstruction of certain portions of metropolitan Port-au-Prince. The latter will be supported by funding totaling approximately $30.4 million.

Philippe Orliange, the French Development Agency’s regional director for the Americas and the Caribbean, reiterated the agency’s support for Haiti at a press conference Friday, highlighting its work in the production of corn and eggs in Haiti’s southern department. Haiti Planning and External Cooperation Minister Josefa Gauthier said Haiti wished to strengthen and continue its cooperation with France, particularly in the framework of coordinating external aid. France’s Ambassador to Haiti, Didier Le Bret, stressed that the AFD’s budgetary support was a key instrument for France and Haiti’s government to improve its leadership in the management of external aid.

France has been working to support Haiti in several sectors, including health, land tenure, agriculture, infrastructure development, food aid, economic support and local development projects.

For original article, see http://www.caribjournal.com/2012/07/27/haiti-france-strengthen-cooperation/

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