The 28th Annual Tour de Martinique Yawl Race

The 28th Tour de Martinique des Yoles Rondes [Tour de Martinique Yawl Race] will take place from July 29 until August 5, 2012 in Sainte-Anne, Martinique.

The Yoles Rondes race is the most important sailing competition of the year in Martinique. For one week, “the local population lives in the rhythm of the race.” The regatta takes place in seven stages on traditional boats called yoles or yawls, the old boats used by fishermen, which have one or two sails. It is also possible to follow the racing yawls on small boats.

It is also possible to follow the race through live-streaming by going to the Facebook page YDIL – Yoles-Direct-in-Live-Martinique and clicking the “Like” button to register.

For more information, you may contact La Société des Yoles Rondes de la Martinique by telephone at 0596 61 48 50 or by email at

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