St. Vincent: Garifuna Cultural Retrieval Workshop

The Garifuna Cultural Retrieval Workshop in Yurumein/St Vincent and the Grenadines started on Monday, gathering participants that travelled from as far as the North Windward area of Sandy Bay. Events will continue until August 5, 2012.

The workshop registered over 50 students on its first day. Last year’s workshop registered fewer than 10 participants on its first day and ended with 85 participants. This year’s workshop is expected to have over 100 participants. There was an official opening on the second day that was attended by the media and dignitaries such as former Minister of Culture Rene Baptize and Anthony Theobalds, head of the Culture Department.

On Friday, dancer/choreographer Erica Zuniga will join musical director James Lovell to assist with the dance segment of the workshop. On August 5, organizer/promoter Trish St Hill will travel to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

St Hill said she has been in regular contact with Lovell and is very impressed with what he has been able to accomplish since arriving in St Vincent. She said she is elated about the eagerness of the children to continue their cultural growth, and vows to continue working to promote the Garifuna culture and language in the Garifuna homeland.

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