“Father of Crop Over” Julian Marryshow Passes Away

I have been scouring the internet trying to get more news on the passing of Julian Marryshow in Barbados, but have not been able to confirm. So far, the only news I have found has been artist Corrie Scott’s “Passing of Crop Over’s Creator, Julian Marryshow” in The Bajan Reporter (19 July 2012). Julian Marryshow (son of Grenada’s T. A. Marryshow), who served as a fighter pilot in the R.A.F., is credited with reviving Crop Over in 1974, when he headed the board of the Barbados Tourism Committee. Corrie Scott provides an account (by Nina Gill) on Julian Marryshow and his observations on art in Barbados in the 70′s:

“As you probably remember, Douglas and I were good friends with Julian. One afternoon, we dropped by to see him and the house was completely open and he was not home. We went back the next day and the next, at various times, and he was never home and the house always wide open. We were completely concerned; Douglas made some phone calls, and was told that he was out of the country in England.

We went by to see him again after his return, and told him that the house was completely open, so whoever was looking after the house should be reprimanded. Julian’s comment was, ‘Oh no one was in charge of the house, just me.’ When we asked if he knew that he had left the house completely open, windows and doors, Julian said the only thing in the house worth stealing was art work, and the day that Barbadians became interested in stealing art he would rejoice and lock the house up. An amazing character.”

[Photo by Corrie Scott; http://www.corriescott.net/]

For original post, see http://www.bajanreporter.com/2012/07/passing-of-crop-overs-creator-julian-marryshow-by-corrie-scott/

2 thoughts on ““Father of Crop Over” Julian Marryshow Passes Away

  1. I had the privillage of working with Julian Marryshow at Grenada High Commission here in London UK, in the early 80’s. Julian was at the time a free lance writer and journalist we worked on a few magazines together He was an amazing character as well as being a relative. He always said i was like a daughter. He was always making me laugh but there was also a serious side to him. He was a perfectionist he was not putting his name to anything unless he had his full input and it was to his standard. His comments concernig the Crop-Over festival finally reiterated that point. Although he had started the crop over festival it had turned into something else which was not to his liking but he was still recognised for his part in the birth of this legacy. He has left behind a legacy the barbadians are proud to be a part of and would always remember him for. This festival has evolved throughout the years in a climate where tourism has not been at its best. In this present economic climate it would not have been remotely possible but for julian’s clever use of “Crop-Over” which helped to promote the idea behind the festival. This collaboration of cropover and carnival has helped tremendously to boost the economy of barbados in this world wide recession, as supporters come from all countries far and wide. Julian Marryshow, like his father ‘T.A Marryshow’, saw something that he believed in. something that would benefit the nation, giving other caribbean islands a route to boosting their economy. ” Believe it or not, what Julian has done for tourism in barbados is produced a historical event uniquely to Barabdos which is quite remarkable, We are proud of him”.

  2. I found the “Barbados Buckle” in the gravel of the River Tweed between England and Scotland in 1979. It has now proved to be the earliest illustration of the global game of cricket. With the late Mr.C.L.R.James,Sir Gary Sobers, the Hon.Wes Hall and my good friend Geoffrey Jones in the Tourism Office in London I was able to make considerable advances along with research guides like the MCC and the British Museum. Geoff Jones was frequently singing the praises of “Cropover” as a useful marketing tool for Barbados. If I had been a bit smarter I would have connected Cropover to Julian Marryshow, whom I had known as a colleague in the advertising business in Port-of-Spain in the 1960’s and I respected Julian as a fine ‘ideas man’ and colleague and one of life’s indisputable gentlemen.

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