Cuba Breaks Guinness World Record: The Biggest Daiquiri in the World

Amaury E. del Valle (Juventud Rebelde) writes that the famous Havana restaurant-bar Floridita, home of the iconic Cuban cocktail, broke the Guinness World record with a giant 275-liter daiquiri. The giant daiquiri glass was built by visual artista Lázaro Navarrete.

A giant cocktail with over 80 bottles of Havana Club Añejo (aged three years), about 30 kg of sugar, 30 liters of lemon, ten liters of maraschino, and over 200 kilograms of crushed ice were mixed on Saturday at the Floridita Restaurant-Bar, cradle of the daiquiri, breaking the Guinness record for the largest cocktail in the world with a giant 275 liter drink.

The press, guests from around the world, the general public, and especially employees of Floridita—which celebrates its 195 anniversary this year—joined in this unique celebration. Watching from a corner of his favorite bar was the statue of Nobel Prize winning-writer Ernest Hemingway, who contributed to the worldwide fame of the daiquiri and also the Floridita Restaurant.

Hemingway, who was also a fan of another emblematic Cuban cocktail, the Mojito, preferred his daiquiri without sugar, substituting the lemon juice with the juice of half a grapefruit, and doubling the rum, thus creating the Papa’s Daiquiri, also known as the Wild Daiquiri [Daiquirí Salvaje].

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