Ricky Martin Condemns Miss Peru for Homophobic Comments

Puerto Rican singer, actor, and activist Ricky Martin (Enrique Martín Morales) takes a public stand for against homophobic comments, recently chastising Miss Peru, Cindy Mejía, for her comments on why she would not have gay children. Here are excerpts with a link to the full article below:

In a recent interview with Peru21, Cindy Mejia (Miss Peru) made some controversial comments about gay children:In my case, the day that God permits me to have children, it wouldn’t happen because these things happen perhaps because a child grew up without a father or was molested or lived with his mother and sisters became effeminate. I’m not too keen on the subject. The day I have my children I will entrust them to God completely, will raise them with care with a father and mother and support them completely, because there should always be communication.”

Ricky Martin immediately tweeted, “Qué lástima, y qué comentarios tan desatinados. #ignorancia” [What a pity and what wide-of-the-mark comments. Ignorance]. He ended his tweet by tagging the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (@GLAAD).

After hearing that the comments she made had created a firestorm, Miss Peru quickly tried to blame everything on a misquotation by Peru21. But her defense was soon put to bed after the media company released audio showing that there was no misquotation of her statements on homosexuality.

The young woman then offered an apology to the LGBT community and to Ricky himself: Due to my lack of knowledge of this topic, I made a mistake and it won’t happen again. I apologize if these comments contributed to discrimination or violence against the LGBT community. As a representative of Peruvian beauty, I promise to devote myself to fight against homophobia andmachismo.’”

[. . . However] Miss Peru is seemingly unapologetic about the whole situation. A later tweet from her Twitter account read “Ricky Martin pronunciándose sobre lo que dije. Ya pedí disculpas. Suficiente @ricky_martin” [Ricky Martin speaking about what I said. I already apologized. Enough @ ricky martin.]

For more information (full article in English), see http://www.beinglatino.us/entertainment/ricky-martin-condemns-homophobic-miss-peru/

For photo and full article (in Spanish), see http://www.enelbrasero.com/2012/07/16/ricky-martin-enfadado-con-miss-peru-universo/

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