Dominica Prepares for World Creole Music Festival 2012

Dominica’s World Creole Music Festival is taking place from October 26 to 28, 2012, at Windsor Park Sports Stadium (WPSS). The stadium is located at Bath Road in the Commonwealth of Dominica’s main town, Roseau. With the subtitle “Mizik A Nou!” [Our Music], the World Creole Music Festival offers a fitting musical feast to usher in Independence celebrations on November 3.

Event director Natalie Clarke-Meade explains, “WCMF caters for all who enjoy life, various popular music genres unique to the Creole and Ethnic speaking world. Cadence-Lypso, Zouk, Zyecco, Bouyon, Kompas, Soukouce and other indigenous styles from East and West Africa, are intertwined with fusion music such as Reggae, Soca, Calypso, and Soulful music. The festival has a rich line-up history drawing from Creole acts from Haiti, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Africa, Dominica as well as the Creole Diaspora in Europe and USA. Even more interesting is that the WCMF is held within the month of October leading into November, when Independence is celebrated. At this time, Dominicans embrace their Creole culture and celebrate their rich island history with a joyous de vivre in traditional national wear, tasty wild meats, and memories of their ancient past through African drumbeat and Kalinago Indian song… defying the everyday to shout ‘I am Dominica.’”

The line-up for this year promises a wide array of gifted artists including Kolo Barst, Jocelyn Beroard, Ali Campbell, Carimi, Bunji Garlin, Dobet Gnahoré, Gyptian, Harmonik, Fanny J, Jeff Joseph and his Grammacks New Generation, Triple Kay, Jocelyne Labylle, Fay-Ann Lyons, Jean-Philippe Marthely, Midnight Groovers, Singing Starz, Third World, and WCK, among others.

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13 thoughts on “Dominica Prepares for World Creole Music Festival 2012

  1. I am sorry to say that this story is flawed and need to be pulled immediately. First of all, the line-up given is from 2011, as in last year. There are some other errors, but I would rather not spell them out here. It is a pity you do not have any means of contacting you offline. I am a blogger too and would prefer not to post this publicly, but alas.

      1. The website administrators did a whack job by putting up the 2012 banner without updating the site accordingly. It’s not your fault. No one but the closest followers of the festival would recognise this.

  2. Great catch, I attended last year, the line up is not confimed until late august mid september. check on line again.
    avid follower of WCMF

  3. Disappointed,
    I’m a disappointed St.Lucian trying to get info about the Dominican Creole Festival for weeks now. i’ve submitted letters,emails and messages but havent gotten any responds. I’m displease since it is posted on the website that if any info is needed please feel free to ask. Is there any way of me contacting anyone with information about the event please let me know. Information is required as soon as possible because tickets, hotel an travel arrangements has to be made.

  4. I attended the festival last year (I’m from Barbados) and was a little curious when I noticed that some of the artistes from 2011 were included in the line up again. I guess I will have to check back in for an updated line up.

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