Lolita Lebron’s Grandchildren Dispute Her Will

El Nuevo Día reports that the assets of the late independence leader Dolores “Lolita” Lebrón Soto are at the center of a legal dispute between her grandchildren and Rosa Meneses Albizu, granddaughter of Pedro Albizu Campos, and Carlos Mondríguez Torres, president of the PR Bar Association.

The lawsuit filed by Irene Vilar, José Francisco Vilar, and Ildefonso Vilar Méndez—Lolita Lebrón’s grandchildren—is requesting annulment of the will that disinherited one, as well as the donation made by the nationalist leader to Fundación Casa Lolita Lebrón, Inc [Lolita Lebrón House Foundation Inc].

According to the document, of which this newspaper obtained a copy, the Lebrón disinherited Irene Vilar in the will she prepared and had notarized by Quiñones-Hector Lugo on June 21, 2010—for “serious libel.” Apparently, the will does not specify to which slander, words, writings and/or misrepresentations Lebrón was referring. [No mention was made in the article of Irene Vilar’s publication of The Ladies Gallery: A Memoir of Family Secrets, in which she wrote about her rebellious grandmother and her own depressed mother, whose death the author seems to blame on the senior Lebrón. The fervent nationalist never wanted the book to be published saying, “If you publish that, you will do damage to the movement. And I am the movement.” See previous posts Lolita Lebrón’s death shifts attention to her writer granddaughter and Irene Vilar: Haunted by Lolita Lebrón.]

Lebrón donated a third of her assets to Casa Lolita Lebrón, Inc. (directed por Meneses Albizu and Mondríguez Torres) which, according to her will, had already been founded at the time. However, the lawsuit states that the corporation “did not exist” when the will was drafted; it claims that it was not registered in the State Department of Puerto Rico and does not meet the legal requirements of a corporation in Puerto Rico. This is the basis for the grandchildren’s demands that the will be nullified. [Another interesting point that the article does not stress is that Irene Vilar herself announced the launch of Casa Lolita Lebrón Inc. on October 20, 2011. See previous post Irene Vilar Launches “The Lolita Lebrón Foundation” and Translation of “Impossible Motherhood”.]

Lebrón died at age 90 on August 1, 2010. The nationalist leader served 25 years in prison for a shooting attack in the United States Congress on March 1, 1954, with Rafael Cancel Miranda, Irving Flores, and Andrés Figueroa. Her remains rest at the St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi Cemetery in Old San Juan, where one can also find the graves of Nationalist Party Leader Pedro Albizu Campos and Gilberto Concepción de Gracia, founder of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP).

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