New Book: Wendy Knepper’s “Patrick Chamoiseau-A Critical Introduction”

Wendy Knepper’s Patrick Chamoiseau-A Critical Introduction (Caribbean Studies Series, University Press of Mississippi, 2012) is a new book gathering a critical overview of the author’s work as a whole, including novels, fictions, and manifestos of the noted Caribbean author.

Patrick Chamoiseau: A Critical Introduction (University Press of Mississippi) examines the career, oeuvre, and poetics of one of the most important Caribbean writers living today. He is the recipient of numerous literary prizes, including the prestigious Prix Goncourt for the epic novel Texaco. The author’s diverse body of work, which includes plays, novels, fictionalized memoirs, treatises, and other genres of writing, offers a compelling vision of the postcolonial world from a francophone Caribbean perspective.  Patrick Chamoiseau brings the writer’s majors works of fiction into dialogue with lesser known texts, including unpublished theatrical works, screenplays, visual texts, and treatises. This holistic, comprehensive, and largely chronological study of Chamoiseau’s oeuvre includes analyses of various authorial strategies, especially the use of narrative masques, cross-cultural storytelling techniques, and creolizing poetics. The book features discussions of the author’s often controversial claims about creolization, departmentalization, and globalization serve to highlight Chamoiseau’s contributions to Caribbean and world culture.

Wendy Knepper (London, England) is a lecturer in English at Brunel University in Uxbridge, England. Her work has appeared in PMLA, Small Axe, Dalhousie French Studies, and in numerous essay collections.

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