Haiti aspires to be the Venue of Carifesta 2015

Haiti, a nation rich in traditions, aspires to be the venue of the Caribbean Arts Festival (CARIFESTA) in 2015, the most important cultural meeting of the area, Prensa Latina, the Cuban news agency, reports.
Haitian President Michel Martelly expressed on Friday his wish to host the Festival, inaugurated 36 yeas ago in Guyana ad conceived with the objective of promoting Caribbean innovative and traditional arts.

During his address at the 33rd Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), which wound up in Saint Lucia on Friday, the head of state asserted that receiving CARIFESTA in his country will make it possible to increase cultural relations with the rest of neighboring nations.

The Festival brings together renowned writers, artists, musicians and intellectuals, favoring intercultural dialogue and celebrating the region’s diversity.

Jamaica, Barbados, Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago, among other countries, have previously organized the meeting, the last edition of which took place in Guyana in 2008. Suriname, its venue in 2003, will host the celebration again in 2013.

For the original report go to http://www.cubanews.ain.cu/2012/0707Haiti-aspires.htm

2 thoughts on “Haiti aspires to be the Venue of Carifesta 2015

  1. It beyond my comprehension why the countries and the colonies (PUERTO RICO, JAMAICA, VIRGIN ISLANDS and CUBA, ETC.) keep celebrating the continuous inclusion at long term of resources of such an impoverished territory as Haiti in events which clearly Haiti cannot afford due to the pauperimous status of the country. . All those geographical locations mentioned above are under the financial control of the United States, the UN Elite controlled organism and the EU. Cuba is being completely intervened through a shameful financial blockade by the USA. Puerto Rico is an openly acknowledged colony of the USA. As democratized and “WELFARIZED” AS IT IS this well known territory in the Caribbean still is depending of the
    GRINGO MASTERS to declared its political status. VIRGIN ISLANDS is nothing than spy center for the PURE COLONIAL interests of the United Sates of America. We can say that the whole region is nothing but a colonial enclave under the BOOTS of both THE USA and the EU with full and shameful approval of the UN. CUT THE CRAP WITH RHE CELEBRATIONS,

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