New Book: “Prostíbulo de la palabra/ Brothel of the Word”

Prostíbulo de la palabra (2012) is Benito Pastoriza Iyodo’s fourth collection of poetry. This first edition includes the English-language translations of his poems, under the title Brothel of the Word.

Description: This bilingual volume exposes the reader to a work diverse in themes, structure and format. The book is a collection that encapsulates the people, places, beliefs and actions implicit in the concepts presented in the operative terms “brothel” and “word” in their physical, linguistic and spiritual incarnations. The title engenders curiosity about how the poet will interconnect these two concepts. A brothel is generally associated with prostitution. But knowing that the term “prostitution” can go beyond the world associated with the sexual act, it should be no surprise that the poetic subject moves from the confines of a building (the brothel) to the environs where prostitution manifests itself in the impure, and often, masked manipulation of language and mankind within a broader, more global brothel.

Benito Pastoriza Iyodo is an award-winning author from Puerto Rico. He has received various prizes for poetry and short story. The Ateneo Puertorriqueño awarded him prizes for his book of poetry Gotas verdes para la ciudad and the short story entitled “El indiscreto encanto.” He received the Chicano Latino Literary Prize for his book of poetry entitled Lo coloro de lo incoloro, published by the University of California. His collection of poems, Cartas a la sombra de tu piel, earned the prize Voces Selectas. Pastoriza was cofounder of magazines specializing in the diffusion of literature written by Latinos in the United States. His publications include his book of short stories, Cuestión de hombres; several books of poetry, including Cartas a la sombra de tu piel (2002) and Elegías de septiembre (2003); and a book of narratives, Nena, nena de mi corazón (2007), among many others.

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