Les Twins: Rising Stars on the Global (Dance) Stage

Les Twins have been gaining more and more momentum as they offer workshops around the world. They are presently in Moscow, where they have been performing and leading hip hop workshops. Before this trip, they achieved a higher profile in the U.S., having performed with Beyoncé on numerous occasions, such as the recent show in May at Revel Ovation Hall in Atlantic City. As the Daily Mail reported earlier this year, “Their stunning performance alongside superstar singer Beyoncé at the 2011 Billboard Awards brought them to the attention of a global audience.” See more about their achievements in the Daily Mail article:

And now French dancers Les Twins have been chosen to front lifestyle brand New Era—famous for its branded caps loved by the hip-hop fraternity—in a stunning new campaign. The twin brothers from Sarcelles, France are known for their performances with Beyonce, and the singer’s husband, rapper Jay-Z, enlisted the pair to appear in a viral video for his brand Rocawear. More recently they danced alongside Missy Elliot as she performed an exclusive set for Hennessy, which included a preview of a brand new track produced by Timbaland.

The dance duo, aka Larry ‘Ca Blaze’ Bourgeois and Laurent ‘Lil Beast’ Bourgeois, have been chosen as Flagbearers for New Era’s Fly Your Own Flag campaign, alongside super-producer Pharrell Williams, SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards. Fittingly, the campaign focuses on self-expression and individuality, of which the dancers who first rose to fame on French talent show Incroyable Talent, and have appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, have plenty.

The lookalike pair showcase their moves in an innovative video by acclaimed director Kim Albright, who captured their signature moves using effects commonly used in the filming of action sports—a method which perfectly reflects their unique talent and creative energy.

For full article, see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2133140/Beyonce-dancers-Les-Twins-new-feather-cap–new-ad-campaign.html

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