St. Maarten Students Dedicated to “Our Heart for Haiti” Project

As part of a five-year commitment by St. Dominic High School in St. Maarten, four students left for Haiti on June 27, 2012, to contribute their efforts to the “Our Heart for Haiti” project.

Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIAE) made a contribution of US$650 to students of the St. Dominic High School for the “Our Heart for Haiti” project. The high school and its Parents Teachers Association (PTA) had requested the donation to assist with travel-related expenses for its students to the Caribbean country. In response to the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010, St. Dominic High School had committed itself to a five-year program through which to help victims of the quake, said Principal J. Verschueren-Sommers.

During the mid-year school vacation in 2011, four students from the school’s IB program and a teacher went to Haiti to volunteer at an orphanage. The initiative was such a success that other students wanted to follow suit by going to Haiti this year, said Verschueren-Sommers. Students have invested themselves in the program and raised money to aid with the trip. Previous group members also mentored new group members with necessary information to assist them in their duties related to the volunteer work, said PTA president Ursula Dijkhoffz.

Photo (“Heart for Haiti”) from Salvatore Principe’s “Heart Collection,”

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