Rubberband LLP: Creating Links in the Field of Design in the Caribbean and Latin America

As part of its pluralistic and inclusive philosophy, Rubberband, LLP (“a value driven design studio”) has offered to become a repository of information to create a bridge and to expand links for participation in the field of design in Puerto Rico and its sister nations in the Caribbean and Latin America.

At this moment, Rubberband, LLP, is disseminating the papers published during the conference “IV Jornadas Latinoamericanas: Design for Local Development,” which took place April 19-20, 2012, , at the School of Architecture, Urbanism, and Design at the National University of San Juan, in San Juan, Argentina. (All papers are in Spanish and in PDF files.)

Description: Rubberband, LLP is a transformation design studio founded in 2008, with its main operational site in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The design studio promotes a practice where value-driven designers are conscious of how their creative decisions affect society. The studio is structured in a way that it can stretch and contract upon the needs of the project and the end user. It is an elastic enterprise (like a rubber band). The only aspect that always remains intact is the social responsibility mindset. Rubberband, LLP uses an empathic approach toward the end user and assumes a facilitator role with clients. [. . .] Rubberband, LLP uses a transdisciplinary approach, focused on the user, which allows for tackling complex problems with the client. The client is part of this process; that is why it is a transformative experience.

Rubberband, LLP’s co-founders and senior partners are Arthur L. Asseo García and María de Mater O’Neill.

Arthur L. Asseo García ( specializes in exhibition design [e.g, Caribe China: Ventana a la modernidad (Fundación Luis Muñoz Marín, 2008) and Hacia un nuevo rumbo (Museo Casa Roig, Universidad de Puerto Rico, 2009)]. Asseo García holds a BFA in Image and Design from the Escuela de Artes Plásticas, Puerto Rico. He is currently an MA candidate in the History of Decorative Arts at Smithsonian-George Mason University, Washington, DC.

María de Mater O’Neill ( is an award winning painter and designer. She holds a BFA from Cooper Union, New York, and a PhD in Design Practice from the School of Design of Northumbria University, United Kingdom. For her education practice, see her blog at and her painting practice at

For more information, see

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