Puerto Rican Environmentalist/Activist “Tito Kayak” Reaches Carriacou on His 1,400-Mile Kayak Voyage

Environmentalist Alberto “Tito Kayak” de Jesús is on an ocean journey from Venezuela to Puerto Rico, an action to bring attention to demands of the release of Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera. De Jesús began paddling a distance of about 1,400 miles, traveling from island to island to seek support for freedom of López Rivera, who has been imprisoned in the United States for the past 31 years.

On this first leg of the trip on June 25, “Tito Kayak” rowed 95 miles to the island of Grenada, escorted by two official Venezuelan vessels, after resting on the Ibiscus (an oil rig belonging to PDVSA). Last night, he arrived in Carriacou, located about 20 miles from Grenada. De Jesús then traveled, without escorts or radio communication, about 20 nautical miles to reach the island of Canouan in the Grenadines (belonging to St. Vincent). From there, he will continue rowing along all the Caribbean islands, fighting harsh ocean waves and unexpected climate changes, to end at a camp on the shores of Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, which has been occupied by Amigos del MAR for  the past 7 years.

From Carriacou, Gazir Sued (the logistics coordinator of the trip) reported that De Jesús Agregó had an injured wrist and broken oars, which he fixed with tape. He said, “Rowing out to sea alone and without escorts, with no means of communication, and with broken oars is part of the reality that Tito Kayak faces daily. The first impression of almost everyone with whom we speak is that this is crazy, but when they learn about his cause, they immediately express respect and admiration.” He added, “At each island where Tito arrives, he arrives with the message of this cause, which, in the name of freedom for Oscar López, represents the most elementary principles of human rights today and anywhere in the world.”

Photo and article (in Spanish), from http://www.contrainjerencia.com/?p=48015

For more information (in Spanish), see http://caribnews.net/tito-kayak-inicio-su-travesia-por-mar-desde-venezuela-hacia-puerto-rico/, http://www.elnuevodia.com/titokayakllegaalaisladecarriacou-1288954.html and http://rosogrimau.blogspot.com/2012/06/tito-kayak-llego-la-isla-de-carriacaou.html

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