Casa de las Américas Hosts the Caribbean Social Thought Series

This year, Casa de las Américas and its Center for Caribbean Studies present its Caribbean Social Thought Series: “Half a Century of Decolonization and Independence in the Anglophone Caribbean. This conference will be held at the Manuel Galich Room at Casa de las Américas, in Havana, Cuba. It will be held from June 25-29, 2012.

Description: Casa de las Américas and its Center for Caribbean Studies dedicates its 2012 Cycle of Caribbean Social Thought, to fifty years of the proclamation of the independence of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. This date coincides with the fortieth anniversary of the signing of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Cuba and Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, and Barbados, and the tenth anniversary of the First Summit of Heads of State and Government Cuba-CARICOM, held in Havana in December 2002. This will be a moment for remembering and examining the historical, political and cultural ties between Cuba and the Caribbean.

With welcoming speech by President of Casa de las Américas Roberto Fernández Retamar, participants will include Yolanda Wood (Director of the Center for Caribbean Studies), Vilma Díaz, Ileana Sanz, Sergio Guerra, Reinaldo Sánchez Porro, Orlando Victores, Marta Guzmán, Rolando Álvarez, Luis Alberto Notario, Samuel Furé, Ariel Camejo, Roberto Zurbano, Jorge Fornet y Aurelio Alonso, Rigoberto López, Brian Meeks, Laneydi Martínez, Terri-Ann Gilbert, Milagros Martínez, Teresita Huerta, and José Francisco Piedra, among others.

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