Franketienne to attend Toronto’s French Creole Festival

Franketienne, author of over fifty literary works and winner of several prestigious awards including the title of Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters by France in 2010 and nominated seven times for the Nobel Prize for Literature, will be in Toronto for the third annual French Creole Festival which takes place from July 25th to August 6th.

On July 26th, Franketienne will feature in a theatrical and musical medley based on the theme Haiti, at the heart of the “Chaos-World.” It will be an unforgettable evening as Franketienne, the playwright-actor, poet and writer entertains Toronto audiences. He will be accompanied by the famous Haitian guitarist, Toto Laraque and a percussionist.

The event takes place at the National Film Board of Canada, 150 John Street, starting at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $30.00 each and can be purchased from the FKZO website

An Evening with Franketienne is just one of several events planned to bring the French Creole culture to Toronto. For event listings and locations please visit the FKZO website

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