Flu Epidemic in Suriname

Caribbean 360 reports that health surveillance agencies in Suriname have reported a marked increase in influenza (flu) cases in the country over the past few weeks.

Reports are that the number of flu cases with airway infections keeps increasing, with the Medical Mission (MZ) registering more than 800 cases in the hinterland alone in four weeks’ time, says Irma Jaglall, region doctor mid-Suriname with MZ.

Jaglall, who also works for the department of Patient Surveillance, Registration and Research, said: “We’ve seen a strong increase in all regions in the hinterland. We’re alert and have already informed the Bureau of Public Health (BOG) of this increase.” The physician reportedly added that no case required hospitalization, but she described the increase as “remarkable” and said the exact cause of the epidemic was yet to be determined.

One possible cause suggested was the large-scale migration to the hinterland of people from French Guiana, which has also has been hit by an epidemic.

For original article, see http://www.caribbean360.com/index.php/news/589350.html?utm_source=Caribbean360+Newsletters&utm_campaign=ac3a4045be-Vol_7_Issue_65_News6_18_2012&utm_medium=email#axzz1yD4kn5h6

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