Mario Canonge and Mitan Trio to Perform in Guadeloupe

Mitan Trio—internationally renowned jazz pianist Mario Canonge, with Michel Albo (bass) and Arnaud Dolmen (drums)—will be performing on June 22 and 23, 2012, at 8:00pm, at Centre Culturel Sonis (at Rond-point Ignace) in Abymes, Guadeloupe.

Mario Canonge is a pianist from Martinique. RFI music writes, “Mario Canonge has established an international reputation as a brilliant virtuoso pianist. [. . .] The Martiniquan star has proved to have an amazing ability to adapt his piano-playing to a wide variety of genres: jazz, zouk, salsa, you name it. [. . .] In the course of his highly successful career Canonge has worked with an impressive array of singers and musicians, showing that he’s equally at home performing with Afro-Cuban groups as he is accompanying sultry jazz divas.”

In 2011, Canonge released Mitan, a jazz album that was much acclaimed by the critics. As his artist’s page reveals, “at this point ‘mitan’ is not only the title of his album, it is the ‘mid-time’ of his life. ‘The beginning of a new adventure, led by a desire to look forward, to grow and always evolve; a desire to reach and, with my own fingers, lightly touch the essence.’”

Enzo Productions describes: “With this new album, Mario Canonge reveals his music in the rough, ‘beautiful and graceful, powerful and instinctive.’ He, for whom music is not only a reflection on its roots, its membership and the many influences that have shaped its identity, but also a kind of state of grace coupled with an instrument of communication. For over 20 years, Canonge explores the resources of his native culture (that of Martinique) for mixing jazz. The album Mitan is the culmination of a long journey that took him across France and worldwide U.S. Canada, through Mexico, Haiti, Venezuela, the South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho, Mauritius, India, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador … Mitan is the culmination of a long journey , the ‘middle age’ or ‘at the Crossroads,’ a kind of axial point between yesterday and tomorrow, and may be the beginning of the most beautiful journey, that of the interior …. For this ‘race to the quintessence,’ it is in a trio (piano, bass, drums) that he chose to perform on stage.”

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