Jacques Schwarz-Bart’s Upcoming Concert and “The Art of Dreaming”

Guadeloupean jazz saxophonist Jacques Schwarz-Bart will be performing in concert on Tuesday, July 3, 2012, at New Morning in Paris, France.

Jacques Schwarz-Bart, whose parents are authors Simone Schwarz-Bart (author of The Bridge of Beyond) and Andre Schwarz-Bart, has been dubbed “Brother Jacques.” The family traveled widely, living in Senegal, Switzerland, and Goyave, Guadeloupe. Schwarz-Bart has been very visible in France; among his most recent performances, at the end of May, he was an invited guest at the Saint Germain des Prés Jazz Festival with his quartet, including Baptiste Trotignon (piano), Thomas Bramerie (bass), and Hans van Oosterhout (drums). The latest CD by the Jacques Schwarz-Bart Quartet, The Art of Dreaming, was released earlier this year.

About his CD, Schwarz-Bart writes:

According to Carlos Castaneda, ancient Toltec sorcerers had developed the art of staying aware while dreaming, in order to travel to parallel worlds, and have a better understanding of the human potential. As I was reading Castaneda’s book entitled The Art of Dreaming, I immediately drew a comparison with the musician’s quest. Except that instead of staying aware during their dreaming, musicians manage to dream while being awake, and share that dream with other musicians and listeners.

Achieving the act of dreaming while being awake has become a musical quest for me. But this special state of mind have come and gone in jittery fashion, like bubbles that grow and burst unexpectedly.

My first fluid experience took place with this quartet. I immediately felt as if we were traveling together, gliding through a dream that was one and the same.

Since then, I have had my mind set on recording an album that reflects this experience. The spirit of collective dreaming has allowed us to rise above the impersonal setting of the recording studio, and play as if we were live in front of our audience. The result is organic, contrasted and often orgasmic: just like I dreamed it!

For more information and video of Jacques Schwarz-Bart, see http://bananierbleu.com/7751/jacques-schwarz-bart-jazz-a-saint-germain-des-pres/

For more about Schwarz-Bart, see his website at http://www.brotherjacques.com/

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