Call for Papers: Alejo Carpentier—XI Literary Colloquium of the Monterrey International Book Fair

Tecnológico de Monterrey convenes the XI Literary Colloquium of the International Book Fair of Monterrey, which will be dedicated to the work of Cuban author Alejo Carpentier. The colloquium will take place on October 18 and 19, 2012, at the Holiday Inn Fundidora (Sala G. Fundición) in Monterrey, México. The official language of the symposium is Spanish. The deadline for submission of abstracts (or full study, see below) and bios is June 15.

The length of both documents— abstracts and short bios—should be 150 to 300 words each and must contain the full name of the researcher, institutional affiliation, and title of the paper (the title of the presentation should be concise). Presentations should not exceed 20 minutes. Both documents should be sent by e-mail attachments in Word. If in 10 days, you do not receive a message confirming receipt of your material, the organizers would appreciate that you contact the symposium coordinator.

National and international researchers who wish to provide an unpublished work on the work of Alejo Carpentier must have a Ph.D. and at least three publications in the field of literary criticism. If a researcher who does not meet these requirements wants to attend the symposium, submit a complete paper (approximately 2,300 words) to the judging committee (instead of an abstract).

Researchers interested in contributing a critical and previously unpublished essay to the anthology Alejo Carpentier: perspectivas críticas, Ensayos inéditos [Alejo Carpentier: Critical Perspectives] are not required to attend the symposium but need to request editorial criteria from the coordinator, Dr. Pol Popovic Karic.

Please address concerns, submissions, and other correspondence to Pol Popovic Karic by phone at (81) 8358-2000, ext. 4668 or email at

Dr. Pol Popovic Karic, Coordinador del CLFIL de Monterrey,
Aulas 2-213, Tecnológico de Monterrey
Eugenio Garza Sada 2501 Sur
C.P. 64849, Monterrey, N.L., México

[Many thanks to Mary Ann Gosser Esquilín for bringing this item to our attention.]

For more detailed information (in Spanish), see

Photo of Carpentier from

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