Mary Prince honoured as National Hero in Bermuda

Mary Prince is to be recognised next week as the Island celebrates National Heroes Day, the Royal Gazette reports.

Government announced today that the famed slave would be honoured at an induction service on Saturday, June 16.

The holiday will be observed on Monday, June 18.

Said a spokeswoman: “This year, although nominations were not solicited, the Naming and Recognition Committee received more than a dozen unsolicited letters, more specifically from teenaged students from both the public and private schools recommending that Mary Prince be designated. The letters were sent to the Committee via the Bermuda African Diaspora Heritage TrailFoundation.

“Historical accounts tell us that Mary Prince is considered to be Bermuda’s most famous slave. She was the first black woman to publish a book about the brutality of slavery. Mary Prince’s book ‘The History of Mary Prince’ published in 1831, is significant because it was instrumental in helping to dismantle slavery in Bermuda and the Caribbean. ”

The book was reportedly the first account of the life of a black woman published in the UK. It was released while slavery was still legal here, and in British Caribbean colonies.

Said Economy Minister Patrice Minors: “Mary Prince is a Bermudian heroine who deserves to receive this singular honour. As a personal account, Mary Prince’s story contributed to the debate about slavery in a manner different from reasoned analysis or statistical arguments. It was direct and authentic. And we are pleased that she will join the other National Hero inductees this month.”

The public is invited to attend the induction ceremony for Mary Prince at Barr’s Bay Park on June 16 at 6pm.

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