Concert Series in Guadeloupe: “Première rencontre autour du piano”

The 4th edition of the annual piano jazz event “Première rencontre autour du piano,” a festival/concert series focusing on leading piano players, is now taking place in various venues in Guadeloupe. The event, which began on June 4 and will end on June 14, 2012, features talented pianists, concert, and jazz musicians from Guadeloupe, the wider Caribbean, and beyond.

On stage this year, Guadeloupean musicians include Franck Souriant, Laurent Sahai, and Malika Tirolien, with other personalities, including Frantz Laurac, Flora Sicot and Dominique Leblanc. This event is also an opportunity for the public to meet a major model of piano virtuosity, renowned Guadeloupean pianist Alain Jean-Marie. In January 2012, Jean-Marie was appointed Knight of the Order of Merit by the Minister of Overseas Territories, more than thirty years after receiving the Django Reinhardt Prize, an award given to the “Best Musician” for jazz.

Venues include Salle George Tarer (Pointe-à-Pitre); Ciné Théatre (Lamentin); Chez Henri (Saint-Louis de Marie-Galante); Centre culturel de Sonis (Les Abymes); L’Artchipel Scène nationale (Basse-Terre); Hotel Kawan (Grand Bourg de Marie Galante); and Salle Robert Loison (Moule).

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