Panel Discussion and Concert: Dominican Republic 1937 and The Parsley Massacre

As part of their panel discussion and concert series—Multicultural Music Encounters X: A Multicultural Music and Arts Series—the Multicultural Music Group, Inc. presents a discussion on the Dominican Republic 1937 and the musical piece “The Parsley Massacre.” This panel will be held tonight (June 8, 2012) at 8:00pm at Pregones Theater, located at 575 Walton Avenue, Bronx, New York.

The panelists are Carolle Charles (Baruch College), Edward Paulino (John Jay College), Michele Wucker (President of the World Policy Institute and author of Why the Cocks Fights), and Luis Mojica as moderator.

Performed by the Multicultural Music Group Orchestra/Bronx Arts Ensemble, and directed by Luis Columna, “The Parsley Massacre” was composed by Juan Colón.

Executive Director of Multicultural Music Group, Inc., Dr. Luis Mojica will provide a brief background about the 1937 incident and the possible reasons for this unfortunate situation. He says, “In addition to this discussion, this year because of the multicultural nature of our organization, I would like to discuss the international reaction to the Parsley Massacre event at that time and the relationship of this incident to the European Jewish distribution to America and the role of Trujillo as the chief of state of a recipient country of these involuntary immigrants.” Discussions will also deal with the current situation in both countries (and their current economic status, the NGO situation in Haiti, elections in the Dominican Republic, among other issues).

For photo and more information on the 1987 massacre, see

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