Music: Mijo de la Palma in “Canto-e-Jíbaro 2012”

Mijo de la Palma, the wildly popular alternative music group that has taken Puerto Rico’s young (and old) audiences by storm, presents their new concert “Canto-e-Jíbaro 2012” (also featuring percussionist Mario Schambon, from Colombia).

The group will perform on June 12 at 10:00pm at Madridz in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico; on June 14, at 8:00pm at Harbors (Balneario de Rincón) in Rincón, Puerto Rico; on June 16 at 9:00pm at Il Carretto in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico; on June 23 at 8:00pm at Brava Theater in San Francisco, California; and on June 24 at 9:00pm at the Galería La Raza Posada in Sacramento, California.

Their music, which has been described as Puerto Rican “fusion-jíbara,” is not the only dimension they will bring to these concerts/happenings. The event at Harbors, for example, will also include performances by José M. Umpierre Pescador and the people of Teatro Improza (or Lengua Sorda), with poetic improvisations; poetry recitals by Oniksa; artwork by Pedro (Pítel) Kenneth; and other interventions. There will also be food by the agro-ecological market from Cabo Rojo, Siembra para tod@s, and CDs for sale on site.

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