Santiago de Cuba Gets Ready to Host Caribbean Festival/Fiesta del Fuego

Santiago de Cuba gets ready to become, for a week, one of the most cosmopolitan cities during the 32nd International Caribbean Festival, to be held from July 3rd through the 9th.

Preparations include the fitting-out of the main 29 areas where artistic activities will take place –from the central stage at Cespedes Park, in the heart of the city, to the Monument to the Runaway Slave in the town of El Cobre and the Morro Castle, a World Heritage Site.
Enramadas Street, venue of the emblematic Conga de Los Hoyos; the Juan Gonzalez beach; the Heredia Theater; the Caribbean Center and the Center of Traditions in the neighborhood of El Tivoli; and the populous Ferreiro Square, also get ready to welcome over 1,000 artists, intellectuals and tourists from dozens of Latin American and Caribbean nations.
The Festival’s general program is already circulating, with details on the inaugurations of the Martinique Center and of an exhibition by sculptor Alberto Lescay, along with the Haitian-Cuban fiestas and the Snake Parade, among other activities.
According to organizers, there will be colorful artistic presentations from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Suriname. The city will host, as an average, some 30 presentations a day, in which traditional culture will excel.
Details related to the Colloquium “The Caribbean that Unites Us”, a meeting to be held as part of the Fire Fiesta, are being finalized. Once again, the Colloquium will bring together experts in the spirituality of peoples in the region, with special emphasis on relations, identity processes and cultures of resistance.
The final touches are being given to a course-workshop on popular religions, which will include sessions of academic reflection and ritual ceremonies, to be held at temples and other sacred places in the city.
On this occasion, the International Caribbean Festival will be dedicated to the people of Martinique and its culture.

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