Ismael Miranda Releases Anthology

Fania Records have released a new Ismael Miranda anthology entitled, A Man and His Music.

This is no ordinary compilation. The 30 tracks on this definitive anthology were selected by Ismael Miranda himself. The legendary Puerto Rican singer and songwriter even designed the sequencing of these two discs — giving us a rare opportunity to appreciate his contribution to Afro-Caribbean music under a new light.

Listen to A Man & His Music from beginning to end, and you will discover a salsa artist of exceptional taste and sophistication, able to switch effortlessly from feverish salsa jams and hardcore Afro-Cuban roots to velvety Latin ballads and soulful boleros. No doubt about it: the man known in his heyday as “el niño bonito de la salsa” (salsa’s pretty boy) stands alongside the likes of Héctor Lavoe, Rubén Blades and Celia Cruz as one of the definitive icons of the ’70s salsa explosion.

“Many of these songs were not necessarily the singles that Fania chose to promote at the time – it was the fans themselves who turned them into hits,” explains Miranda from his home in Puerto Rico. “El pueblo, the people, keep asking for them. Ismael, sing this one or that one, they tell me when I encounter them on the street.”

To sample songs from the new album, and to purchase a copy, visit iTunes here.

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