Dutch museum stages first major Caribbean art exhibition

Dutch interest in Caribbean art has never been huge. So, despite the country’s Antillean, Aruban and Surinamese communities, there has never been a full-scale exhibition of Caribbean art. “Who More Sci-Fi Than Us, Contemporary Art from the Caribbean” at Amersfoort’s Kunsthal KAdE is the first one.

On display are a wide range of sculptures, installations, paintings, drawings, photographs, feature films and animated films, both by established artists and young, promising ones. The show comprises works from the south of the Caribbean (the Antilles, Suriname), the north (Cuba, Jamaica), the west (Costa Rica, Panama), the east (Haiti, Dominican Republic) and all the islands in between.

In evidence at the exhibition are the many aspects shared by the region’s inhabitants in terms of history, politics, religion and daily life. But the show also tells the story of a complex, multifaceted region rich in cultural and linguistic diversity, partly the result of their colonial past under Spain, France, Britain and the Netherlands.

The exhibition lasts until 26 August.

For the original report go to http://www.rnw.nl/english/article/dutch-museum-stages-first-major-caribbean-art-exhibition

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