A new press relase offers additional detail on Nicholas Emery’s new art exhibit. See also yesterday’s post:

Art Exhibition: Nicholas Emery’s “Glimpse”

Soft box gallery announces a new exhibition ‘GLIMPSE’, by painter Nicholas Emery, from Friday 1 June to Saturday 23 June 2012.

Emery’s work is an exploration of the magical language hidden inside ordinary, everyday reality. He creates characters suspended in liminal spaces – snapshots of subterranean psyches from non-verbal places. The theme of Emery’s current work is universal, and yet distinctly Caribbean.”

Last August, Emery started experimenting with an idea while on a one month residency at the Vermont Studio Center: he began painting figures for the first time earnestly, integrating them with the colors and shapes born of previous work from Trinidad, merging the abstract and non abstract elements of his work to create GLIMPSE.

GLIMPSE captures something quintessentially human and yet mysterious. Many of the paintings give the feeling that the object that is being viewed is actually the subject viewing the audience. “I saw in this encounter (in the paintings) a familiar and personal experience, and something very common to the Caribbean amid a larger human framework” says Emery.

Most of his characters are presented with their backs turned outward in an uncritical counter-observation of a society that flaunts its intimacies in full frontal social media. Emery’s characters, in contrast, emerge as solitary guides giving us a glimpse into an under –Trinidad-world.

This shifting eye defines Emery’s ethos as an artist. Although he feels a deep connection for this place and has lived here for the past eight years, he still feels that he resides on the periphery – an insider/outsider looking inside/outside.

Nicholas Emery was born in Trinidad and Tobago and grew up internationally. He returned in 2005 and had his first solo show at Soft box in May 2009. He paints in his studio in St Ann’s.

The paintings range in size from 6ft x 4ft to 2ft x 1ft, and are available for a range of prices. The artist will be present for the opening reception, Friday 1 June from 6.30pm – 8.30pm, to discuss his work. Both existing and new collectors are encouraged to attend.

Soft box is located at 9 Alcazar Street in St Clair, POS. For more information, contact or 622.8610 or 740.7109.

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