Kathy Ann paints from the heart

It may be something she does in her free time but it is her passion. Kathy Ann Chevalier-Joseph held her first art exhibition, “In Full Colour” late last year and is preparing for a second show featuring her own work—Leiselle Maraj reports in this article from Trinidad’s Newsday.

According to the 39 year old’s page on the social networking website, Facebook, she was born into a creative family as both parents were artists.
“As a child my childish games displayed my artistic flair from creating paper dolls to crafting figurines from the clay in our backyard. It seemed as though it was an innate ability to express myself though art,” she stated on her page.
She was taught art in secondary school by the late artist, educator and television personality, Ian Ali and furthered her studies in Graphic Arts at the tertiary level. Although she is currently employed as an executive assistant at Industrial Plant Services Limited, Point Lisas, she continued doing her art during her spare time.
“I always wanted to do an exhibition. It was an aim and an objective. My family and friends always urged me to do it too,” she said in a recent interview with Newsday.
Her first exhibition featured work she produced between 2006 and 2011. “It focused on different aspects of Trinidad and Tobago. You hardly see any art about Trinidad and Tobago. My work depicted the beaches, people, animals, and the flora and fauna of the country,” she said.
The collection was done in different mediums including acrylic, water colour and colour pencil. The exhibition was held at the Media Room of the National Library. More than half of the collection was sold during the show.
Separated into the categories – scenes, portraits and still life, Chevalier-Joseph sought to capture the beauty of Trinidad and Tobago through her eyes, in nature and in the people with the use of vibrant colour. “I do not paint arbitrarily, but I am very sensitive and aware of my emotions and feelings. My paintings are from my heart,” she stated.
Since the exhibition, Chevalier-Joseph joined the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago and she will be working on a new exhibition through the organisation. Although she has no set date or venue, Chevalier-Joseph is already working on pieces focused on dance and movement. She promises that the pieces will be different from her first exhibition as they will be abstract.
She has been visiting different dance groups and recitals to gather inspiration for her artwork. The new exhibition would focus on the different dance forms of Trinidad and Tobago.

For the original report go to http://www.newsday.co.tt/features/0,160494.html

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