Venezuela and Dominican Republic Strengthen Commercial Ties, Focus on Oil

Venezuela and the Dominican Republic have drafted a series cooperation agreements dealing with the fight against drug trafficking, health, education, agricultural products, livestock, and oil, the latter being one of the most important for the two nations. Venezuelan newspaper El Universal, summarizes some of these agreements:

Petrocaribe: Dominican Republic is one of the signatories of the Petrocaribe agreement that allows partner countries to purchase oil at preferential payment terms. The Caribbean nation consumes 155 thousand barrels of oil a day. 50,000 [of these] are imported through this treaty establishing as payment agricultural products like black  beans, chicken, military services and uniforms, among others. [. . .] In 2006 the Presidents Hugo Chavez and Leonel Fernandez initialed a series of treaties in various fields among which was the partnership agreement and purchase by Venezuela of 49% of the shares of Dominican refinery Refidomsa.

The War against Drugs: Also in 2006 an agreement was signed for drug abuse prevention and suppression of illicit traffic in narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and precursor chemicals, as well as related crimes. The objective of the treaty is to establish systems of cooperation in the areas of health and prevention, education and advocacy.

Communications: The presidents also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation and implementation of the proposed distribution of the Telesur signal in the Dominican Republic. The agreement includes television signal distribution, dissemination of Dominican content through this medium, providing space for the Government of the Dominican Republic to assist in training personnel working for the channel, and establishing Telesur offices in the Caribbean nation.

Other topics: Venezuela and the Dominican Republic have also established cooperation in the areas of sports, education, housing, and health. The two countries are signatories to the Andrés Bello Agreement, which allows standardization of academic degrees among students from various countries.

Sports treaties have been established with the aim of improving the performance of athletes for international competitions.

Also, there has been a medical cooperation through Misión Milagro [Operation Miracle] and the construction of Petrocasas [Petro-Homes] for the Dominican Republic has been announced.

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