New Book: “Canarias, Cuba, Francia-Los exilios literarios de Nivaria Tejera”

Ediciones Torremozas announces a new collection of essays, Canarias, Cuba y Francia: Los exilios literarios de Nivaria Tejera (2012) [The Canary Islands, Cuba and France: The literary exiles of Nivaria Tejera].

Description: On March 2008, a group of academics, writers and artists gathered in New York to analyze the literary works of Cuban/Canary Islander Nivaria Tejera. This text, Canarias, Cuba y Francia: Los exilios literarios de Nivaria Tejera, is the result of this meeting. In these essays, the contributors analyze the meaning of Tejera’s work in Spanish and French letters, her experience as a triple political exile, the historical context of her novels, and the impact that repressive political regimes have on artists and writers. As shown in the reflections of the critics who contribute to this book, Nivaria Tejera is undoubtedly one of the most unique literary voices of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries on both sides of the Atlantic.

The book includes essays by Madeline Cámara, Helena Aráujo, Lourdes Gil, María Díaz Vega, Willian Navarrete, Marie Houdayer, Andrea Morris, Carol Maier, Jason Weiss, Mabel Cuesta, José Triana, Benoit Verhille, Antonio de la Rosa, Pío E. Serrano, and Nivaria Tejera.

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