Calabash International Literary Festival: Jubilation 50

Calabash International Literary Festival presents “Jubilation 50,” a celebration of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence. International literary figures and artists from Africa, the Caribbean, North America, and Europe will converge on May 25-27, 2012, at Jakes Resort in Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

This major literary event presents concerts, recitals, art exhibition, and the participation of leading writers. The selection of authors and performers related to Caribbean arts and culture include Jacqueline Bishop, Loretta Collins, Carolyn Cooper, Michael “Ibo” Cooper, Christine Craig, Fred D’Aguiar, Marcia Douglas, Garfield Ellis, Steve Golding, Colin Grant, Sadie Jones, Alecia McKenzie, Orlando Patterson, Patricia Powell, Olive Senior, Seretse Small, Sonjah Stanley Niaah, and Kerry Young.

The Calabash International Literary Festival’s mission is to transform the literary arts in the Caribbean by being the region’s best-managed producer of workshops, seminars and performances.

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