Antigua: Architect Suggests Building More Towns

Antiguan architect Edmond Blaize has proposed the designation of two additional towns in Antigua and Barbuda to deal with the problem of overcrowding and vehicular congestion in the islands’ capital, St. John’s, suggesting All Saints, English Harbour, and Parham, as possible areas for expansion.

Blaize told Observer Media that overcrowding and congestion occur when people from all parts of the island for one reason or another converge on the island’s capital and commercial centre, St John’s. He wants the relevant authorities “to look at decentralization.” To achieve this, Blaize is proposing that other locations be established on the island that would provide many of the services available in the nation’s capital. “The two areas that would probably be the best for that would be in the All Saints or English Harbour area and somewhere near Parham, that would help a lot,” the experienced architect said.

Blaize, who has been an architect for over a decade, said there is nothing limiting the country to just one town. He said since the capital was not originally designed for its current uses, the problems of overcrowding and congestion are exacerbated. “No matter what you do, it’s not going to solve that problem so the best thing to do is to have a town in the south and something on the east so they can act as mercantile centres.” “So people coming from the east, for example, instead of having to come to town can go to Parham and get services such as banks and government services,” Blaize added.

He concedes that such a venture would be costly and may not be the first option for government and those who would be instrumental in the creation of those towns. However he said, the decentralization process will improve the quality of life for residents. Last month, government’s chief architect Wesley James called for expert help in addressing the city’s overcrowding woes.

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