New Book: Rafael Rojas’s “La máquina del olvido—Mito, historia y poder en Cuba”

Javier Rioyo, Director of the Cervantes Institute [Instituto Cervantes] is sponsoring a book presentation and lecture by Rafael Rojas. The author will speak about his collection of essays La máquina del olvido: Mito, historia y poder en Cuba [The Apparatus of Oblivion: Myth, History, and Power in Cuba] which was published this year (Taurus 2012). The lecture (with simultaneous interpretation into English) will be held on Tuesday, May 8, 2012, at 7:00pm. The Cervantes Institute is located at 211-215 East 49th Street.

Description: This compendium of essays on the history of ideas in Cuba analyzes the birth of Cuban historiography; the political culture on the island prior to the Revolution; the Cuban constitution and its minor influence in countries that have sought to follow Fidel’s model; and the creation of the single discourse of the Castro regime and its determination to survive. Rojas indicates that the debate amongst Cuban intellectuals is on the rise; that if Cuba is to have a promising future a complete transformation is needed, one that generates a new and democratic political system. A step into creating this transformation lies in the development of new historiographic narratives, unconstrained by the official discourse, to encourage the debate in a society accustomed to screening their ideas through the lens of official thinking. [. . .]

Rafael Rojas is a distinguished cultural critic and historian of the Caribbean and a renowned writer in the field of Latin America history. Author of over fifteen books and numerous essays, Rojas has received numerous honors, including the Matías Romero Award (2001) and the Anagrama Award for Essay (2006).

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