Jamaica: Caribbean Fashionweek 2012

Organized by Pulse Agency, this year Caribbean Fashionweek will once again be held at the National Indoor Sports Centre (St Andrew) in Kingston, Jamaica, from June 7-11, 2012, highlighting the best in Caribbean fashion. The week includes fashion, the CFW Business Forum, exhibitions, after parties, tours, concerts, and varied performances.

Panache Magazine reports that, “as both Jamaica and Trinidad celebrate 50th anniversaries this year, special resources as well as special initiatives being undertaken for the event, are certain to lead to an even more dynamic CFW experience. Coming as it does in an Olympic year, in which the Caribbean is expected to excel, CFW will benefit from these initiatives which will also reflect the synergies between the anniversary celebrations, the Olympics and Caribbean fashion.”

The event showcases the best designer collections from Jamaica, the Caribbean, and its diaspora. This year’s designers include: Ashley Martin, Biggy, Drenna Luna, Janel Jolly, Julan, kokobeenz, Minka, Muschroom, Mutamba, and Sequoia, from Jamaica; Yardmanstyle, from the USA/Jamaica; Jahtaxtreme, from Belize; David Andre, Michel Chataigne, Phelicia Dell, and Maguy Durce, from Haiti; Pheline, from Canada; Denis Devaed, Jam, and Talita, from Guadeloupe;  Wilma Stomp and Janoos, from Suriname; Victoria Brown, Calvin Douglas, and Hope Wade, from the UK; and Meiling, Claudia Pegus, Shaun Griffiths Perez, and Robert Young, from Trinidad.

For full article and list of Fashionweek events, see http://www.panachejamagazine.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=704:caribbean-fashionweek-2012-june-7th-11th-in-jamaica&catid=40:fashion-weeks&Itemid=80

Photo from  Fashionweek 2011 from http://fashionandotherfancies.blogspot.com/2011/05/blog-post_31.html

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