Caribbean houseboat floats along ecological gem

The shallow waters around Baru on Colombia’s Caribbean coast are famous for sheltering a technicolor array of coral life — now a new private houseboat has made this slice of sea also home to tourists, as Rosemary  Westwood reports in this article in Colombia Reports.

Located 45km southwest of Cartagena, Baru is part of the Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo National Natural Park, which features Colombia’s only protected underwater ecosystem.

Travel group Aviatur’s Casa Cholon Naviagator floats on the Swamp of Cholon, located on the west side of the Baru peninsula.

Landlocked accommodation exists in the park, but the Navigator lets travelers eat, play and lounge in style right above the area’s main draw.

The calm waters, tropical climate and coral reefs rich with invertebrate species, fish, algae and sea grass beds make this region renowned as a diving destination.

Priced from just under $1000 for a two-night stay, the houseboat getaway has modern furnishing and includes diving instructors and meals against the backdrop of one of Colombia’s most striking vistas above and below the sea.

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