Art Exhibition: Rafael Trelles’ “Intersecciones”

The newly remodeled Bayamón Museum of Art presents a new exhibition of paintings by Puerto Rican artist Rafael Trelles—“Intersecciones.” The exhibition runs through July 2012. The museum is located in Bayamon’s Parque de las Ciencias [Science Park] and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. This coming Friday, May 4, at 11:00am, Trelles will offer a guided tour of the exhibition.

The artist explains that in this collection of 15 works, he renews his pictorial language, using photography as a starting point, and implementing changes in color, theme, and format (most of the paintings are 6 feet high).

Rafael Trelles was born on April 27, 1957 in Santurce, Puerto Rico. He began studying painting at the age of eleven, under the guidance of Spanish painter Julio Yort. In 1980, Trelles obtained a magna cum laude bachelor degree in Art at the University of Puerto Rico. In 1983, he traveled to Mexico where he pursued graduate studies at the Universidad Autónoma de México. Today he lives and works in Puerto Rico.

Shown here: Trelles’ “Suceso inesperado” [Unforeseen Event]


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