Art Exhibition: Martinique’s Fondation Clément Hosts “Global Caribbean”

Fondation Clément presents the traveling exhibition “Global Caribbean: Focus on the Caribbean Contemporary Art Landscape.” Curated by Edouard Duval Carrié, the collective exhibition runs from May 11 to July 15, 2012. Fondation Clément is located at Domaine de l’Acajou, Le François in Martinique. On May 9, beginning at 7:00pm, there will be an opening reception hosted by Duval Carrié.

Artists (representing the Bahamas, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Trinidad and Tobago, among others) include Alexandre Arrechea, Nicole Awai, Roberto Diago, Jean-François Boclé , David Damoison, Blue Curry, Alex Burke, André Eugene, Joëlle Ferly, Kendra Frorup, Charles Campbell, Keisha Castello, Christopher Cozier, Marlon Griffith, Hew Locke, Joscelyn Gardner, Melvin Martinez, Raquel Paiewonsky, Gustavo Peña, Vickie Pierre, Jorge Pineda, Betty Rosado, and Arthur Simms.

Duval Carrié writes: “Among the many questions about the artistic evolution of the Caribbean, especially in this era of globalization, is the issue of the validity of regional identity. As the world of art—and more specifically the market—is tempted to adopt a common, easily identifiable definition (e.g., “Latin American art”) many artists do not recognize themselves. I personally believe that artists defy all classification. [. . .] My selection of artists for this exhibition reflects that fact and illustrates this position. Each artist has a vision, a style, a unique aesthetic, enhanced by the use of innovative mediums, necessary for its expression. That is why I think artists are not concerned primarily with the construction of a regional discourse. [. . .] My intention through this exhibition is not only to show that this archipelago has generated many artists worthy of this name, but rather to emphasize the universality of their so-called ‘regional’ visions.”

[Image above: Diago Roberto’s “Yo cuido” (2004)]

For more information (in French), see

For more on the Clément Foundation, see

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