New Film, “Baby Needs Milk,” Receives Standing Ovation in St. Martin

The Daily Herald reports that the first private screening of the locally-made film Baby Needs Milk received a standing ovation last Friday evening, April 27, 2012, at the Sandy Ground cinema in Marigot, St. Martin. Apparently, the 50-minute film directed by Rick James (The Daily Herald‘s lay out designer) was made on a shoestring budget.

The film, made over a period of six months, traces the descent into despair of young couple Spit (played by reggae star Junior Lion in the lead role) and Vanessa (Sasha Blake) who struggle to make ends meet and keep their baby child fed. Against the pleading of Vanessa not to, Spit is tempted into a job with gangster Dollaz (Lindy Elmo Gibbs) which will guarantee Spit a share of money from a drug deal. But the job goes horribly wrong. With the police tracking Spit down, he makes a fatal mistake which leads to tragic consequences in the final minutes of the film.

[. . .] James not only shot and edited the film but appears in a brief cameo role. The story idea was his before it was passed on to Pedro Granger to adapt into a screen play. “I’m focusing on the technical aspect of film making and learning all the time,” James said modestly. “It’s like a hobby for me. I like to be behind the scenes working rather than being out front. I would say this is my first successful film. I tried one seven years ago but it was too ambitious and did not work out. So this time I went to a shorter concept.” [. . .] The collaboration between James and production manager Betina Juminer is another reason for the film’s success. Juminer attended film school last year thanks to a grant from the Collectivité and is able to guide and fine tune Rick’s work behind the camera.

For full review (in English), see

For article (in French), see–Baby-Needs-Milk–1005.html

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