Art Exhibition: “Independientes” at Casa de los Contrafuertes

Tonight (actually, in about an hour!), Charles Juhász-Alvarado (with his amazing team of friends) and Néstor Barreto will present a major project as part of the 2012 Trienal Poli/gráfica de San Juan [San Juan’s Poly/Graphic Triennial “El Panal/The Hive”] at 6:00pm at the Casa de los Contrafuertes [House of Buttresses]. This wide-ranging “happening” is called Independientes (or Entes). Casa de los Contrafuertes is located at Plaza San José in Old San Juan.

The project, inspired by the Triennial theme this year, “El Panal/The Hive,” includes small projects by guest artists Allora & Calzadilla, Néstor Barreto, Marielys Castro, Elizam Escobar, Teo Freytes, Adelino González (my childhood friend!), Ivelisse Jiménez, Julio Suárez, Vargas Suarez Universal, Marga Vicenti, and Fabian Wilkins. Other featured artists include Ana Rosa Rivera Marrero, Dhara Rivera, Néstor Otero, Teo Freytes, and Annex Burgos. Multiple events intermingled in the visual spaces will include readings orchestrated by poet Néstor Barreto as well as performative interventions by Teofilo Torres, Ruben Solla, Awilda Sterling and others. Guillermo Vázquez will program evenings of independent Puerto Rican avant-garde film and Andrea Bauza will present cutting-edge architectural presentations.

For more details on the exhibition, see following post 2012 Poly/Graphic Triennial: Deborah Cullen Reviews the Casa de los Contrafuertes Project.

[Image above by Teo Freytes; many thanks to Yrsa Dávila for bringing this item to our attention.]

For more details of related events, see

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