Mystic Bowie’s “Sweet Jamaica” Celebrates Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary

International reggae artist Mystic Bowie is getting a lot of buzz from his latest project, a three-track EP titled Sweet Jamaica.

The EP which was produced and released by Mystic Bowie on his Funky Ska Music label is distributed by the biggest distributor of reggae and dancehall music in the world, VP Records. “I feel very good about the response my EP is getting. The songs on the EP have been getting a lot of support from DJs around the world especially the title track, Sweet Jamaica,” he said.

Sweet Jamaica was released on March 27. So far the songs from the EP have been getting strong rotation on radio stations throughout the US, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe. Mystic Bowie also said that the title track for the EP which features ED Robinson and Sherrell Rosegreen was especially recorded as a tribute for Jamaica as it celebrates 50 years of independence this year.

Mystic Bowie: Fitzroy Alexander Campbell is a native of Maroon Town, Jamaica and a descendant of the only remaining unified tribe in Jamaica. “Mystic Bowie” is the name bestowed on him by tribal elders based on powers they sensed in him. Since 1992, Mystic has delighted audiences around the world as the lead vocalist for the Tom Tom Club, a musical collaboration featuring Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz of Talking Heads.

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