Happy Belated Birthday to Antonio Martorell

Last Wednesday, I missed the birthday of one of my favorite Puerto Rican painters, Antonio Martorell, who was born on April 18, 1939 in Santurce, Puerto Rico.

Antonio Martorell studied diplomacy at Georgetown University painting in Madrid with Julio Martín Caro in Madrid. In Puerto Rico, he began his career at the workshop of Lorenzo Homar at the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture. Martorell is well known as a painter, book designer, set designer, and installation artist and was the resident artist of the University of Puerto Rico-Cayey for over 25 years.

A prolific artist, he also works on performance art, graphics, set and costume design, theatre, films, TV, radio and writing for the press. He has exhibited widely in Latin America, the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and Europe, also participating in collective shows in Europe, Africa and Asia, having been awarded prizes in biennials in Italy, Germany, the United States, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. His work was included in the 1997 Whitney Biennial of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

His books include La piel de la memoria [translated as Memory’s Tattoo] and El libro dibujado [The Drawn Book]. He currently writes columns for Puerto Rican newspapers. The most extensive publication on Martorell’s work is Antonio Díaz-Royo’s biography Martorell: la aventura de la creación [The Adventure of Creation].

For full bio (in Spanish), see http://bibliotecavirtualut.suagm.edu/AntonioMartorell/AntonioMartorell.htm and http://www.cauww.org/2011/10/antonio-martorell/

See the artist’s page at http://www.antoniomartorell.com/martorell.html

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