Cuban Film “Una noche” to Be Featured at the Tribeca Film Festival 2012

Now in its second decade, the Tribeca Film Festival, founded by Robert De Niro, will begin on Wednesday, April 18, and will continue until April 9, 2012 It will present feature films such as The Five-Year Engagement, The Avengers, The Giant Mechanical Man, Baby Girl, the low-tech animated epic Consuming Spirits, and the experimental film Francophrenia (or: Don’t Kill Me, I Know Where the Baby Is). One of the world film selections is the Cuban film Una noche (see descriptions below).

The National reports: “Among the international premieres is [. . .] Una Noche [in Spanish], the feature debut by the British director Lucy Mulloy, drawn from everyday life in Havana, Cuba (and funded in part by Tribeca). Three teenagers on the edge of the law finally embark on their dream to escape to Miami on a raft. They don’t get far. On the margins of the Berlin Film Festival, in a section devoted to films about children and teenagers, Una Noche will be at the forefront of Tribeca, since political tensions can make anything dealing with Cuba a delicate matter in the US.”

Tribeca Film Festival Description: Fed up with living in poverty while catering to a privileged tourist class, Cuban teens Raul and Elio are tantalized by the idea of fleeing the confines of their broken-down country for a new life in Miami. When Raul is accused of assaulting a foreigner, he has no choice but to escape, but Elio must decide whether his desire for freedom and helping Raul are worth abandoning his beloved twin sister, Lila. Brimming with the nervous energy of Havana’s restless youth and the evocative cinematography of the sun-bleached capital, Una Noche follows one sweltering day, full of hope and fraught with tension that burns to a shocking climax.

Winner of the Tribeca All Access Creative Promise Award for Emerging Narrative Filmmaker in 2010, director Lucy Mulloy spent years living in Havana to research Una Noche. Her film is infused with sensitivity, depth, and fearlessness as it unfolds in a city rarely seen by American audiences. Untrained actors play the leads, and their aching vulnerability and honest performances leave a lasting impression. A universal coming-of-age story in an unlikely place, Una Noche marks the directing debut of an important, passionate new voice.

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