“Another moe”: Novel

Writer John Derhak—whose brother Rob is moe.’s bassist and singer—has completed his last work of fiction, jambands.com reports. The book, which is set in the Caribbean, was also once again inspired by his brother’s band. This time Derhak turned his attention to “The Bones of Lazarus,” a reworked version of “Lazarus” moe. recently recorded for WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LA LAs.

According to Derhak, the book’s plot is as follows:

The Bones of Lazarus follows intersecting lives on the war-torn Caribbean Island of Saint George.

Amidst rising acts of terror and horrific bombings, surfaces a savage killer, a war correspondent whose stories have become oddly prophetic, a Russian operative with a past, and a mysterious political plot. Is it more than a coincidence?

At its epicenter, Captain Daniel Loomis, fighting for his sanity and survival, seeks a connection. Yet, he cannot stop the growing fear that a creature of legend has arrived—the immortal Lazarus. Resurrected with a terrifying power—it’s claimed he’s walked the earth for 2,000 years seeking the hearts and souls of the wicked—leaving his mark—the face of petrified evil—upon his victims.

As political intrigue and conspiracy unravel around him, Captain Loomis is charged with finding the killer. But first he must come to terms with whether he pursues a man, a myth, or the original Frankenstein monster in this imaginative, darkly funny, supernatural thriller.

The Bones of Lazarus will begin shipping on May 1. Derhak’s recent novels also include Tales from the moe.Republic and Chill Your Cockles.

For the original report go to http://www.jambands.com/news/2012/04/16/another-moe-novel

One thought on ““Another moe”: Novel

  1. Thank you for the wonderful post! For the record, though, this will not be my last work of fiction. I am presently have 2 novels in the works and several short stories.

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