At CaribbeanTales Festival, Gina Belafonte Calls for More Caribbean Films in Hollywood

The Caribbean Tales Film Festival 2012 opened last night at Frank Collymore Hall in Barbados. At the opening gala, film producer Gina Belafonte—the youngest daughter of singer, actor and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte—called for more films in Hollywood that depict the culture of the Caribbean. She also said festivals like CaribbeanTales, now in its third year, is one of the ways to get regional culture into mainstream film.

In his article “Call for Caribbean Films in Hollywood,” Ricky Jordan quotes Belafonte: “This festival is important in that it gives the local and international community a chance to see indigenous stories of the Caribbean. And we don’t get the opportunity in mainstream media to see that,” said Gina, whose bio-documentary about the life of her father will premiere at the festival. “We’re hooked into blockbuster action or technologically spectacular movies, which have their place, but I find [that] the same way rap music has been co-opted, so has the storytelling of Caribbean people. Festivals like this need to be promoted and supported, and the Hollywood community needs to make space for them,” she said.

CaribbeanTales—based in Barbados, Toronto and New York—showcases works that explore Caribbean themes and topics of interest to the Caribbean diaspora.

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