90-year-old Trini author to present new book

Ronald “Ronnie” Hinkson, at 90 years old, TT’s oldest living writer will present his new book Oil Man in the Sahara for his birthday on Wednesday.

Hinkson has worked in the oilfields in Trinidad as well as in Paris and the Sahara and the North Sea.
He is the uncle of “ Jackie” Hinkson, artist and painter.
The Writers Union of TT and The National Library will be honouring Hinkson at the National Library in recognition of his work.
The union has also presented a slide show of his photographs at the National Museum.
Despite a serious illness years ago, he says now he can “still catch a taxi and get on and about.” He remains an active, beloved and respected member of the Writers Union.
Oil Man in Trinidad is a unique, insider history of events in the Trinidad oil industry. Another of his literary work Gemstones set in sterling silver is available at the University of the West Indies Library and NALIS.

For the original report go to http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,158266.html

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