New Film: Davina Lee’s “The Coming of Org”

The Coming of Org, a film produced in Saint Lucia, has just been accepted into the Short Film Corner at this year’s Festival de Cannes and it is currently being entered into other film festivals around the world. According to ARC magazine in “Saint Lucian Filmmaker off to Cannes Filmfest,” the film’s executive producer/director Davina Lee “is one of the faces of the new wave of Caribbean creatives that express their artistic vision through film, video and experimental art.” The film is a psychological thriller based on John Robert Lee’s highly anthologized short story of the same name. It takes a look at three lives whose stories are intertwined. See excerpts from ARC:

In 2009 [Davina Lee] received a Cinematic Entrepreneurial Motivational Award (a technical grant) from the United Nations Development Organisation (UNIDO) for the film. In the last ten years, Lee has been producing and directing television shows, documentaries, commercials and music videos. The filming of The Coming of Org is now complete and the young filmmaker is on the way to showing the world Saint Lucia’s unique culture.

This recognition of her film at this year’s festival in May means that the Coming of Org will be screened for industry professionals and various film companies. Before she jets off to Cannes, Davina will be premiering her film at the 3rd Annual Caribbean Tales Film Festival in Barbados on April 14th at the George Washington House on Bush Hill at 2pm. “Being in Cannes will be a great experience. The Short Film Corner is situated in the Marche Du Film, the biggest film market in the world. This will give me the opportunity to network and meet with film buyers and festival programmers from around the world, my film will also be made available to all festival goers via the festival’s digital film library” explained Lee.

See trailer here:

For more information contact Esther Lee Leach at or (646) 488-5082

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